Museum day

Brussels is best when the sun shines so when the weather turns dreary hide from it. The Museum of Natural Sciences is worth a visit, they have a pretty good dead zoo and a retro dinosaur hanging around outside.

Ice cream weather

It could be summer, the temperature reached the 30's a few days running, I might be ready for fall. Extreme heat is the best remedy for homesickness, that and memories of spiders.

and the winner is...

I went to Sydney for the first time last year, this is very shameful considering I lived in Australia for over 25 years. It was very beautiful but my heart belongs to Melbourne.


Tucked away behind the harbour in Hamburg you can find Cafe Johanna. It is a good place to stop if you need coffee and food. I snapped this shot in late winter when the weather was acting like spring.


The old and the new in London. My camera phone is taking over my life but I am okay with that.